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There are 3 kinds of rock-igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Sedimentary rocks shape from the weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition of older rocks. utilized Sedimentology describes the formation, transportation and deposition of sediment, and the post-depositional procedures that modify tender sediment into sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks contain sandstones, limestones and mudstones. all of the world's coal, such a lot of its water and fossil fuels, and lots of mineral deposits take place in sedimentary rocks. utilized Sedimentology exhibits how the examine of sediments aids the exploration for and exploitation of average assets, together with water, ores and hydrocarbons. * thoroughly revised variation; Like its precursor, it describes sediments from sand grains to sedimentary basins; positive aspects up-to date account and critique of series and cyclostratigraphy * greatly illustrated with images and remotely sensed sea mattress photographs describing sedimentary approaches, items and depositional structures; colour plates illustrate sediment textures, lithologies, pore varieties, diagenetic textures, and carbonate and clastic series stratigraphic types* Emphasises the functions of sedimentology to the exploration for and exploitation of traditional assets, together with water, ores and hydrocarbons* vast references and updated bibliography for additional examine

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Remember that the analysis of the physical properties of a sedimentary rock should be adapted to suit the objectives of the project as a whole. The study of the physical properties of sediments is an extensive field of analysis in its own right, and is of wide concern not only to geologists. In its broadest sense of particle size analysis, it is of importance to the managers of sewage farms, manufacturers of leadshot and plastic beads and to egg graders. Enthusiasts for this field of study are directed to Tucker (1988) and Lewis and McConchie (1994).

The bauxites and china clays have already been mentioned. There are four main ways in which weathering is economically important in a geological context. Weathered profiles are often buried beneath unconformities. 7). The product of limestone weathering consists of nothing but calcium and carbonate ions that are carried away in solution. 3 WEATHERING 35 Fig. 10. Field sketch of part of Sinai. Mesozoic limestones overlie Nubian sandstones, which in turn overlie Pre-Cambrian granitoid rocks with basic intrusives.

More sophisticated schemes have been developed by Sneed and Folk (1958), Harrell (1984), Tough and Miles (1984), and Illenberger (1991). The shape of pebbles is controlled both by their parent rock type and by their subsequent history. Pebbles from slate and schistose rocks tend to commence life in tabular or bladed shapes, whereas isotropic rocks, such as quartzite, are more likely to generate equant, subspherical pebbles. , Plumley, 1948; Schlee, 1957; Miall, 1970). ~ 0 ,, Blade Disc t"- ,-- m F- 0 Fig.

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