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Mesopotamia, the "land among the rivers," was once the positioning of the world's first actual towns, empires, large-scale engineering initiatives, and written literature. The background, tradition, and contributions of the pivotal civilizations that inhabited the world are awarded in bright aspect during this quantity, together with the increase and fall of Sumeria, Babylonia, Assyria, and Persia. (20030501)

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I burned with fire. His queen, his harem, his . . sons and daughters, his property and his goods, his horses, his cattle, his sheep, in countless numbers, I carried off to Assyria. Esarhaddon’s son, Ashurbanipal (ca. C. he destroyed the kingdom of Elam, lying along Mesopotamia’s southeastern fringe. 43 Assyriology However, Ashurbanipal’s reign was also marred by rebellions and civil strife. As time went on, Assyria’s vassals and subject peoples grew more daring and either resisted the central authority or severed ties with it.

And perpetuated by the Babylonians and other peoples who later dwelled in the region. C. A fragment, representing about a fifth of the work, was discovered in 1876; more came to light in 1965, and about 80 percent of the original has now been recovered. One of the most important of the Mesopotamian creation stories, the tale of Atrahasis also provides biblical scholars with a link between the ancient Mesopotamian and Hebrew cultures, as the story of Noah and the flood from the book of Genesis is clearly based on the Atrahasis.

Regard [me] joyfully and, at your lofty command which is unchanging, may the overthrow of the countries of my enemies . . just kingship, [and] a happy reign . . be [your] gift for the kingship of Antiochus . . forever. ) inherThe Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Ancient Mesopotamia ited a war with Ptolemaic Egypt; and to help facilitate peace, he married Berenice, daughter of Ptolemy II. However, in the process Antiochus dismissed his first wife, Laodice, who achieved her revenge by poisoning him.

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