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By Gagari Chakrabarti, Chitrakalpa Sen

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This paintings is an exploration of the worldwide industry dynamics, their intrinsic natures, universal tendencies and dynamic interlinkages in the course of the inventory industry crises over the past twelve years. The examine isolates assorted levels of situation and differentiates among any obstacle that is still restricted to the area and those who soak up a world size. The latent constitution of the worldwide inventory industry, the inter-regional and intra-regional inventory industry dynamics round the crises are analyzed to get a whole photo of the constitution of the worldwide inventory industry. The research additional probing into the inherent nature of the worldwide inventory marketplace in producing drawback unearths the worldwide industry to be chaotic hence making the method intrinsically volatile or at top to stick to knife-edge balance. The findings have major bearing at theoretical point and on coverage decisions.

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The period of 1998 to 2005 was thus characterized by the presence of many volatility breaks in the global stock market. It is however, very difficult to trace out any pattern in these breaks. The breaks, in most of the cases have not been simultaneous or common to all the markets. Moreover, while the breaks are not global, there is hardly any regional pattern. Volatility breaks during phase 2 The second phase (2005–2011) has been characterized by many volatility regimes in the global stock market.

Revista Econ Financiera 4:32–53 Schaller H, Norden SV (1997) Regime switching in stock market returns. Appl Finan Econ 7(2):177-191 Tsay RS (1988) Outliers, level shifts and variance changes in time series. J Forecast 7:1–20 Valentinyi-Endrész M (2004) Structural breaks and financial risk management. MNB Working Papers 2004/11, Magyar Nemzeti Bank, The Central Bank of Hungary. pdf. Accessed 2 Jan 2009 Wilson B, Aggarwal R, Inclan C (1996) Detecting volatility changes across the oil sector. J Futur Mark 16:313–330 Zivot E, Andrews DWK (1992) Further evidence on the great crash, the oil price shock, and the unit-root hypothesis.

A regional portfolio construction might even be beneficial if the stocks from ‘nonassociated’ markets could be selected. The investors, however, should take decisions cautiously. In recent years, the European region being the prime determinant of global variability might be a risky place for investment. Investments in the Asian and particularly in the American markets might be particularly beneficial for the investors. The absence of volatility transmission from other markets might make the investors feel more secured.

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