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В данной книге доктор Рей Лонг покажет движение йоги через анатомию, биомеханику и физиологию этого древнего искусства, разбирая каждую позу на этом пути. Иллюстрированные инструкции, шаг за шагом показывают, как использовать научные принципы, чтобы получить максимальный результат от вашей практики. Каждая книга включает в себя простой пятиступенчатый процесс, который может быть применен к любой позе, чтобы улучшить прочность, гибкость и точность - независимо от того, какой стиль йоги вы практикуете. grasp the technological know-how in the back of Vinyasa circulation and the status poses of Hatha Yoga. Dr. Ray lengthy courses you on a visible narrative in the course of the anatomy, biomechanics, and body structure of this historic paintings, deciphering each one pose alongside the way in which. The Mat spouse sequence provide you with fantastically illustrated, step by step directions on the right way to use clinical ideas to procure the utmost reap the benefits of your perform. every one publication comprises the Bandha Yoga Codex, an easy five-step strategy that may be utilized to any pose to enhance power, flexibility, and precision -- it doesn't matter what variety of yoga you perform.

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Hold for five deep breaths. 4. Inhale and sit up into Dandasana. 5. Exhale and jump or step back into Chaturanga. 6. Inhale into Upward Dog. 7. Exhale back into Downward Dog. Hold for five deep breaths, working through the body by engaging the appropriate muscle groups to sculpt the pose. You can also use this pose as a touchstone and as a position of rest. Repeat the flow, integrating the next a sana. A B c In this series, we begin with forward bends and close with hip openers. Refer to Mat Companion 2 for details on the muscles you engage and stretch in these poses.

Let the arms and legs fall out to the side and turn the palms to face upward. This aids to passively open the chest. Close the eyes and sink into the floor. Completely relax and let go. Stay in Savasana for five to ten minutes-or more if you have time. F L O W P R A C T I C E . HALASANA A N D S H O U L D E R STAND 53 ; , S TAN DI NG POS E S TA D A S A N A M O U N TA I N POSE TADASANA I S THE KEYSTONE OF THE STANDING POSTURES. WE USE IT AS A physical barometer, a place of return between the standing poses where we can assess how the body feels after the preceding asana.

For the rest of your practice simply breathe deeply. In the time between sessions, your unconscious brain will honor your effort and form circuitty to more efficiently activate the access01y muscles of breathing at your command. Don't try too hard and don't give up. V I N YA S A : Ujj AY I B R E AT H I N G F I G U R E 3 just as squeezing the abdomen exerts an stimulating the immune system. The rhythmic pumping upwardly directed pressure on the diaphragm. so does the action of yogic breathing on the stomach and intestines also rhythmic contraction of the diaphragm flatten to compress improves digestion and elimination.

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