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This broad paintings is going past related surveys that spotlight in simple terms on anthropology and heritage and explores the spiritual practices, events, associations, key figures, ceremonial structures, and spiritual accoutrements indigenous to North the US, from the precontact period to the current. Taking a deep and educated glance particularly on the spiritual and religious nature of local americans, the encyclopedia locations traditions inside their ancient and theoretical context, interpreting their relevance inside of local spiritual existence and perform in addition to in the educational examine of religion.

Topics coated contain key principles and matters, spiritual and political leaders, fundamental ceremonies, mythic figures, and comparable cultural topics, equivalent to basketry, whaling, farming, and bison looking, that have spiritual importance for local peoples. participants contain famous students of yankee Indian spiritual tradition, together with many that come from tribal traditions and will provide precious insights and observations from their own experience.

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Religion among the Plains peoples is as diverse as the linguistic traditions represented there, however, there are also some similarities. With the important role that bison play in the lives of these tribal groups, it is no wonder that that animal would be an important spirit being and relative, as well. In addition, the migratory nature of bison, and consequently that of the peoples who rely upon them, support a seasonal and cyclical continues Great Plains (continued) philosophical system wherein the circle is a key element.

Sagebrush dominates the sparse vegetation throughout the Great Basin, with some piñon and juniper trees in the higher elevations. This somewhat harsh environment produces more nomadic tribes than regions to the west, and these tribes speak variations of the Uto-Aztecan family. The one exception is the Washoe to the west who speak a Hokan dialect. The major tribal groups of the Great Basin are the Paiute, Shoshone, and Ute, each with various subdivisions and offshoots. Although dialects vary throughout the region, their similarities have made it possible for different groups to maintain diplomatic relations for trade and intermarriage.

The people of these cultures raised corn, beans, and squash. For each of these peoples, the adoption of agriculture permitted the settlement of permanent villages and the continued refinement of farming technology, arts, and crafts, especially pottery. The Mogollon people of southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico, who appeared about 2,300 years ago, built permanent villages in the region’s high valleys and developed pottery distinct in its intricate geometric patterns. The Mimbres people, a Mogollan subgroup, are famous for painting pottery with dramatic black-on-white geometric designs of animals and ceremonial scenes.

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