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By Dmitri Birman, Antonina W. Bouis, Bela Shayevich

ISBN-10: 1936274353

ISBN-13: 9781936274352

ISBN-10: 1936274361

ISBN-13: 9781936274369

Alphabet of mask is a set of brief tales and poems written on a cellphone. it's an ingenious foray into the modern day Russian event. Dmitri Birman exhibits us how state-of-the-art Russians straddle their Soviet prior and their capitalist destiny with a view to continue to exist. The tales are wry, funny, and sexually frank; the poems lyrical and elegiac concerning the narrator and his acquaintances. The anti-Semitic fact of faculty bullies and military conscription, the adolescent longing for classmates and educating assistants, the Soviet dream of worldwide shuttle and comfort consumption—all are a part of the booklet, whereas the poetry resonates as diversifications on a subject. Dmitri Birman turned a brand new Russian businessman after Communism fell. A prize-winning poet, he's a member of the Russian PEN.

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When anguish turns into a drinking spree, or howling at the full moon, or mortal danger in a hot spot? Where do you go when there‘s nowhere to go? If distant vistas don‘t beckon and the sun doesn‘t warm you? If the weather is divided into ―rain‖ and ―not rain‖? I walk through the cemetery and think that there is always a place and people to go to. Or almost always. Our lost relatives and friends are always here and they always expect us and are happy to see us. Alphabet of Masks 27 The cemetery is full of life, the tears of adults and the laughter of children, who are shushed and have fingers wagged at them.

I shot her a dazzling smile. Her eyes alighted on my ring. I opened my mouth to say something . . ‖ she snapped before I could get a word out. ―I believe I . ‖ I closed the door loosely behind me so I could hear, see, and understand what was about to transpire. ―Well, let‘s say Alexander Alexandrovich is the manager. All right, then: Why should he come out to see me? What should I wait for? ‖ was roughly what went through my mind, completely confounded. I didn‘t have much time to eavesdrop. Within a minute a pink-cheeked gentlemen of indeterminate age, with narrow slits in place of eyes, hauled his estimable bulk into the reception room.

In a city like that, you can walk around all day in a white shirt and when you take it off in the evening, you will find to your surprise that the collar is still clean…. By the way, about restaurants. When I first went to Italy, I ended up in the heart of the north. I enjoyed Sacile and the cozy hominess of the little restaurant called Saliza, being the only foreigner in the place and maybe even in the whole town. 42 Alphabet of Masks Prosciutto with melon, minestrone, tagliatelli… The music of names and tastes.

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