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By Rick Barba

ISBN-10: 0761537481

ISBN-13: 9780761537489

Play or Prey?• assault innovations for every uniquespecies• info on guns, instruments, talents, and kit• entire walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complicated tips for veteran gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality counsel

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This squad should emphasize power over mobility. Understand Ping This excellent discussion of “ping” comes courtesy of Joe Grant Bell, fellow Prima Games writer and author of Prima’s Official Strategy Guide for this game’s predecessor, Aliens versus Predator. If you play on a LAN (Local Area Network), chances are good that everyone’s on equal footing. Typical modem connections suffer from latency—the delay in back-and-forth data transmissions from computer to computer. Ideally, you want a fast, latency-free connection to the host computer (the “server”).

Use Your Speed to Get Close CHAPTER 3: ALIEN TACTICS As a result, small arms fire doesn’t penetrate the Praetorian hide. The Praetorian cannot wall-walk; but, it has all the other attacks of an adult Alien—claw, tail, headbite, and pounce. It is slightly weaker (absorbing less damage before dying) than its cousin, the Predalien. Your only weapons are attached to your spiky body—claws, teeth, and tail. So you must deal damage in close combat. But that’s okay—you are, by far, the fastest creature in the game.

Control Tower: Level 1 (Ground) ൸ In the landing bay, follow the left wall to the next door. Open it, enter the facility, then proceed down the corridor and turn left. ” ൸ Open the shattered Landing Pad 2 Cargo Access door, and step into the room. ൸Turn right and follow the wall to the elevator (next to the Level 1 sign). Open the Ammo Box to get 10 more flares, and then find the Pulse Rifle ammo pickup on the nearby shelf. Return to the elevator. ൸ Push the call button to bring the elevator to Level 1.

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