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By Rishi Nityabodhananda

ISBN-10: 818633680X

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Vintage textual content through the Bihar tuition.

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Unconscious insecurities and fears awaken through concentration on mooladhara and these are basic to the preservation of life. These fears are a driving unconscious force in life and are responsible for our extreme efforts to preserve our individual status quo, be it wealth, material standing in society, insurance for the present and plans for preservation into the future. These qualities of mind that manifest in mooladhara are basic qualities to do with material gain and consequently come under the classification of the earth element or prithvi tattwa.

Search for truth Loss of memory of who we really are is illustrated beautifully in chapter four of the Srimad Bhagavatam . Narada relates this story to the sorrowful King Prachinabarhis, who is in search of the way to truth. "I will tell you a story," began N arada, "which illustrates in allegory what I wish to teach. 32 "There lived a well-known king, named Puranjana. He had an intimate friend, but none knew his name or his occupation. Puranjana roamed all over the earth, hoping to find a suitable place to live in.

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica the British intro­ duced the term 'Hinduism' during the 1 800s in order to separate Buddhists and Sikhs from Hindus as all three faiths are based on sanatana dharma. The term Hindu originated from the Indus river and Hindus were those people whose lifestyle had originated around the Indus valley, even though the river had disappeared many thousands of years before and all that remained were the archaeological digs in the deserts of India and Pakistan, somewhat north of what is now known as Mumbai.

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