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By James Hamilton

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The Aharonov-Bohm impression is linked to cyclic movement. it's one among a few anholonomic results, and which means the dynamical description is determined by the present place of the method and at the course through which it reached that place. An instance of an anholonomic influence is Foucault's well-known pendulum, which easily demonstrates the Earth's rotation. The Sagnac influence - a gentle beam passing round a turned around approach of mirrors - is one other instance. smooth dynamical advancements resembling Hannay's perspective and Berry's section are extra precious examples.

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4b). 20b) shows t h a t unless n = 1, To will not equal M ' h w s . 32 3. 20a). 2) ~(er A . 18a) we see that the change in phase of r once around the orbit is 2~rM' + -~e~(~r) A . 21) have been used. 21a) is (minus) the AB phase. 20c). 21a) thus show how, for different values of n, the total phase change 2~rA/h is made up of different proportions from the quantized term and the AB term. In each case the particle describes the same orbit p = PT, in induction Bz = B. In the extreme case of n --* oo, the AB term vanishes; while for n = 0, the quantized term vanishes.

Biprism electron interferences (angles exaggerated) ~176 v ~Y Fig. 2. 1a) It can be seen from Fig. 2, that for 9 > 0 the fringe pattern is shifted to the right. 2) where All is the fringe separation. With the parameters in Fig. 2a) A survey of typical biprism experiments is given in Ref. 9]. Typical values of the parameters are: = 9 x 10 -3 nm (20 keV electron), bo=4cm, co=30cm, a0 = 10 pm Af___340nm solenoid radius = a few ~m . 8) is given by an induction of 3 Gauss in the solenoid. 2 Types of Measurement The measurements which have been made are not absolute.

4) is not passing through an electromagnetic field, and therefore there cannot be an AB effect". This is an important argument, and it would be true in classical physics that the inaccessible stationary magnetic field (or flux) cannot give rise to any force on the electron. But even this classical argument is incorrect in the case that the inaccessible flux alters with time. Then electromagnetic induction causes a force on the electron, as is worked out explicitly in Sect. 7. 20a) (in Sect. 12) Presumably it is only a matter of opinion, or of early education, whether the fact that Faraday's electromagnetic induction arises from the inaccessible flux is any less surprising, or more surprising, than the AB effect.

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