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Benjamin Bederson contributed to the realm of physics in lots of components: in atomic physics, the place he completed renown by way of his scattering and polarizability experiments, because the Editor-in-Chief for the yank actual Society, the place he observed the advent of digital publishing and a awesome progress of the APS journals, with ever expanding world-wide contributions to those hugely esteemed journals, and because the originator of a few foreign physics meetings within the fields of atomic and collision physics, that are carrying on with to today. Bederson used to be additionally a very good instructor and college administrator.

The first a part of this quantity of Advances in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (AAMOP), entitled Benjamin Bederson: Works, reviews and Legacies, comprises articles written from a private point of view. His days at Los Alamos in the course of global conflict II, engaged on the A bomb, are mentioned through V. Fitch. H. Walther writes at the time while either have been editors of AAMOP. H. Lustig, E. Merzbacher and B. Crasemann, with whom Bederson had a long term organization on the American actual Society, give a contribution their reviews, one in all them within the variety of a poem. C.D. Rice remembers his days while he was once Dean of the school of Arts and technological know-how at NYU, and the schooling in physics that he obtained from Bederson, then Dean of the Graduate tuition. The contribution by means of R. Stuewer is on Bederson as physicist historian (his most modern interest). N. Lane attracts a few parallels among "two civic scientists, Benjamin Bederson and the opposite Benjamin". The papers are brought by way of H.H. Stroke, in an summary of Bederson's profession. A biography and bibliography are included.

The moment a part of the amount includes clinical articles at the Casimir results (L. Spruch), dipole polarizabilities (X. Chu, A. Dalgarno), two-electron molecular bonds revisited (G. Chen, S.A. Chin, Y. Dou, K.T. Kapale, M. Kim, A.A. Svidzinsky, okay. Uretkin, H. Xiong, M.O. Scully, and resonance fluorescence of two-level atoms (H. Walther). J. Pinard and H.H. Stroke overview spectroscopy with radioactive atoms. T. Miller writes on electron attachment and detachment in gases, and, with H. Gould, on fresh advancements within the dimension of static electrical dipole polarizabilities. R. Celotta and J.A. Stroscio's most up-to-date paintings on trapping and relocating atoms on surfaces is contributed right here. C.C. Lin and J.B. Borrard's article is on electron-impact excitation move sections. The overdue Edward Pollack wrote his final paper for this quantity, Atomic and Ionic Collisions. L. Vuskovic and S. Popovi´c write on atomic interactions in a weakly ionized gasoline and ionizing surprise waves. The final medical article is by means of H. Kleinpoppen, B. Lohmann, A. Grum-Grzhimailo and U. Becker on ways to perfect/complete scattering in atomic and molecular physics. The booklet ends with an essay on educating through R.E. Collins.

* Benjamin Bederson - Atomic Physicist, Civil Scientist.
* The actual assessment and Its Editor.
* Los Alamos in international conflict II - View from Below.
* Physics in Poetry.
* Casimir results - Pedagogical Notes.
* Atomic Physics in Collisions, Polarizabilities, Gases, Atomic Physics and Radioactive Atoms.
* Molecular Bond Revisited.
* Resonance Fluorescence in 2-Level Atoms.
* Trapping and relocating Atoms on Surfaces.

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The SEDs were an eclectic bunch. After the war many went on to get PhDs. Some of them, like Ben, became important figures in physics. , John Kemeny, who invented the Basic programming language, and who later was a highly successful president of Dartmouth. Also, Peter Lax, who became the director of the Courant Institute at New York University, and a colleague of Ben’s. The question inevitably arises, how do you feel about having worked on the development of the atom bomb and its subsequent use?

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