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By George Christopher Williams

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This is often my favourite booklet at the subject, and in case you are analyzing this then you definately should still most likely get it.
It's no longer relatively as obtainable as Richard Dawkins' books, yet i locate this publication to be extra a extra whole and compelling learn than TSG or TBW.

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Such tissue specialization is apparently acquired at the price of regenerative abilities. To a certain extent this implies the substitution of one adaptation for another, not merely additional adaptations. The concept of progress as tissue specialization would probably have little appeal in an application outside the vertebrates. Such cell-constant organisms as rotifers and roundworms would have to be considered higher animals than the mammals. Their tissues are so specialized that they even lack effective mechanisms for the healing of minor wounds (Needham, 1952).

The importance of this unique character to civilized man is that it enables nearly everyone to learn at least a simple trade; it enables many of us to enjoy good literature and play a fair hand of bridge; and it enables a few to become great scientists, poets, or generals. The human mind has presumably been responsible for analogous benefits for as long as man has had a culturally based society. , Dobzhansky and Montague, 1947; Singer, 1962), I cannot readily accept the idea that advanced mental capabilities have ever been directly favored by selection.

59-60). Our knowledge of phylogenetic 39 NATURAL SELECTION, ADAPTATION & PROGRESS variation in cellular DNA content is based for the most part on the grossly inadequate evidence of single values for single representatives of phyla and classes. We have little notion of what proportion of the human zygotic information is concerned with structure at the anatomical and histological levels, and what proportion relates to cellular and biochemical mechanisms, in other words, the number of constraints imposed by selection for gross structural adaptations in comparison with those imposed by selection for cellular and biochemical characters.

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