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By Derek Bickerton

ISBN-10: 1429930292

ISBN-13: 9781429930291

How language advanced has been known as “the toughest challenge in science.” In Adam’s Tongue, Derek Bickerton—long a number one authority during this field—shows how and why earlier makes an attempt to resolve that challenge have fallen brief. Taking cues from issues as various because the foraging techniques of ants, the distribution of huge prehistoric herbivores, and the development of ecological niches, Bickerton produces a stunning new substitute to the normal wisdom.

Language is exclusive to people, however it isn’t the single factor that units us except different species—our cognitive powers are qualitatively diversified. So might there be separate discontinuities among people and the remainder of nature? No, says Bickerton; he indicates how the mere ownership of symbolic units—words—automatically opened a brand new and diverse cognitive universe, person who yielded novel recommendations starting from barbed arrowheads to the Apollo spacecraft.

Written in Bickerton’s lucid and irreverent kind, this e-book is the 1st that completely integrates the tale of ways language developed with the tale of ways people advanced. guaranteed to be arguable, it'll make vital analyzing either for specialists within the box and for each reader who has ever puzzled how a species as notable as ours can have come into lifestyles.

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