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By M. J. Economides

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This workbook is a pragmatic better half to the second one version of the textbook Reservoir Stimulation. the 2 books are meant for use jointly. This new quantity can be relatively worthy for the learning of recent engineers and petroleum engineering scholars, because it includes nearly a hundred difficulties and their suggestions, plus a long bankruptcy giving info priceless for designing a stimulation remedy. Chapters are integrated containing sensible difficulties on reservoir and good concerns, rock mechanics, fracturing fluids and proppants, fracture calibration remedies, layout and modeling of propped fractures, review of fracture remedies, layout of matrix remedies, diversion and therapy review, layout and function of acid fractures and stimulation of horizontal wells. those chapters are categorised with letters from A to J to differentiate them from their spouse chapters in Reservoir Stimulation. Equations, figures and tables from the textbook are talked about within the workbook yet should not reproduced.

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4 (from a calibration treatment) Table Dd-Treatment variables for Example D-8. D-8 1 FRACTURE CALIBRATION TREATMENTS EXAMPLE D-9 The leakoff coefficient can then be found from Eq. 1 but use h, = 140 ft (instead of 70 ft). Use the same well and pressure data as in Tables 7-4 and 7-5. Solution (Ref. 1) The fracture compliance can be calculated from Eq. 1. 8 x IO-’ft/psi. 1. The fracture half-length can then be calculated from Eq. 6). 1. D-9 This Page Intentionally Left Blank E. Design and Modeling of Propped Fractures EXAMPLE E-1 and finally, from Eq.

B-24 and equal to 2900 psi. C. Triaxial tests 5,000 + = 5800psi. broke down at 1600 psi B. Uniaxial compression test-sample - 7200 I I 0 5,000 I 0 I I I 32,000 34,000 46,000 I I I Circle 3 Circle 4 Circle 5 20,000 5,000 56,000 Circle 6 20,000 0 61,000 Circle 7 Table B-&Tests and data for Example B-7. B-9 PRACTICAL COMPANION T O RESERVOIR STIMULATION 40 30 8 z 20 10 i 0 -1 0 0 10 20 30 (T Figure B-&Failure 40 50 60 70 (1000 psi) envelope and Mohr circles for tests for Example 6-7. 40 30 h v) a 8 z 20 Y 10 0 -1 0 0 10 20 30 (T Figure B-5-Graphical B-10 40 (1000 psi) solution to wellbore stability problem for Example 6-5.

6 15q,t 2hJ ’ (D-12) Table D-%Well and reservoir variables for Example D-4. 615q,t (2n’ + 2)/(2n’ + 3) [F]’ (D- 13) From Eq. 7- 13 for the PKN model, (D-14) and from Eqs. D- 1 1 and D- 12 (D-15) Table D-4-Fracture Example D-4. D-6 penetration and net pressure for FRACTURE CALIBRATION TREATMENTS EXAMPLE D-5 EXAMPLE D-6 Calculation of Distance to Restricted Fracture Comparison of Fluid Loss During Pumping and During Closure Assume that after 30 min of pumping the pressure starts increasing at 200 psi/min.

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