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By Newt Gingrich

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Gingrich explains what American exceptionalism fairly potential, why the Left has waged an attack on it, and why a rededication to American exceptionalism is crucial to our country's survival.

summary: Gingrich explains what American exceptionalism quite capacity, why the Left has waged an attack on it, and why a rededication to American exceptionalism is vital to our country's survival

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This state of affairs breeds corruption as well as widespread cynicism toward both business and government. Yet too many people today accept this arrangement as our normal state of affairs, discounting the possibility that there is a better way, a system in which a smaller, more accountable and transparent government allows more freedom for people and businesses to compete honestly, a system where there is more incentive for technological breakthroughs, creative thinking, and innovative methods than there is for peddling political influence and manipulating the rules.

These traits grew into a new, American worldview that found expression in America’s founding documents. JAMESTOWN The Virginia Company of London founded the colony of Jamestown on the James River in Virginia in 1607. The initial financing was entirely from private investors, with settlers promised freehold land in return for seven years of communal labor for the colony. When the first settlers landed, they quickly built a church, signaling their common purpose. The harsh environment and dwindling supplies took a heavy toll on the settlers, who became increasingly listless and undisciplined.

Strangling American companies’ attempts to drill for oil and natural gas, using government power to pick winners and losers among private firms, and expanding bureaucratic control over the nation’s industries do not advance or preserve freedom. In other words, belief in American Exceptionalism leads inevitably to a smaller, more effective, accountable, and limited government. The American revolutionaries did not shed their blood for the welfare state; nor did they aim to replace the arbitrary rule of King George and his “multitude of New Offices” and “swarms of Officers,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence, with their own oppressive bureaucracy.

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