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Hgr. and Yg. 9 6 $? Antsihanaka . Madagascar . Sahambendrana Antsihanaka . Antsihanaka . Brickaville . (Rosenberg) TYPE . Roucard . Majastre I . (Rosenberg) I . (Rosenberg) . (Rosenberg) ! PARATypEs 3. Plethodontohyla alluaudi (Mocquard) Dyscophus alluaudi, Moequard, 1901, Bull. , Paris, vrr, p. 254 (Type locality Fort Dauphin) ; Mocquard, 1902, Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris, (9), y, p. 22, PI. n , fig. 3 ; Mocquard, 1909, Nouv. Arch. , Paris, (5), I, p. 71 ; Nieden, 1926, Das Tierreich, Anura u, p.

Skin with a few small scattered warts which are confluent on the sides to form a narrow fold from the corner of the eye to the groin ; an indistinct fold from the eye to the shoulder ; smooth beneath, the anal region granular. Reddish brown above, with short dark lines and small blotches ; lower surfaces lighter, marbled with brown beneath the limbs, which have indefinite diagonal crossbars above ; hinder side of thighs dark brown, this area being sharply defined above but merging into the ground colour beneath.

46 ( 2 ) Snout as long as the eye ; skin smooth above . P . laevis, p. 46 - - . I. Plethodontohyla notosticta (Giinther) Callula mtosticta, Giinther, 1877, Ann. Mag. Nat. , (4). XIX, p. 316, P1. XVI, fig. c (Type localities Mahanoro and Anzahamara). Calohyh mtosticta, Boettger, 1881, Abh. Senck. Natf. , XII, p. 639. Cophyh mtostidu, Boulenger, 1882, Cat. Batr. Sal. Brit. , ed. 2, p. 182. Pletlwdontohyh mtosticta, Boulenger, 1882, Cat. Batr. Sal. Brit. , ed. 2, p. 473 ;Mocquard, 1909, Nouv. Arch.

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