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Severe phenomena is without doubt one of the most enjoyable components of recent physics. This 2007 ebook presents an intensive yet financial advent into the rules and methods of the idea of severe phenomena and the renormalization crew, from the viewpoint of recent condensed subject physics. Assuming simple wisdom of quantum and statistical mechanics, the e-book discusses part transitions in magnets, superfluids, superconductors, and gauge box theories. specific realization is given to themes akin to gauge box fluctuations in superconductors, the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition, duality differences, and quantum part transitions - all of that are on the vanguard of physics examine. This booklet comprises quite a few difficulties of various levels of trouble, with suggestions. those difficulties offer readers with a wealth of fabric to check their figuring out of the topic. it truly is excellent for graduate scholars and more matured researchers within the fields of condensed topic physics, statistical physics, and many-body physics.

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The Bose–Einstein condensation now occurs not at μ = 0 but at μ ˜ = 0, which corresponds to μ = μc (T ) = λ 2 k2 dk 2mkB T e −1 (2π )d −1 . 35) For d > 2 the integral over the wavevectors is finite. Rescaling the wavevectors with temperature, we see that at low temperatures the transition line behaves d like μc (T ) ∝ T 2 . Taking the chemical potential μ to be the tuning parameter, at T = 0 the condensation occurs at μc (0) = 0. We will refer to such transitions at T = 0 as quantum phase transitions.

An important physical example is provided by the type-I superconductors, described in the next chapter. With these possible pitfalls in mind, we will proceed by assuming that λ exists and is finite. Furthermore, for b 1 and for small μ < 0 we will assume μ(b) ≈ μb y . Choosing then the parameter b so that μb y = μ0 with μ0 constant, we may write the susceptibility for large b as ∗ μ0 χ (k) = μ x/y μ0 F k μ 1/y , μ0 , λ∗ . 8) 46 Renormalization group After the Fourier transform is taken this implies χ (r ) in the scaling form introduced in Chapter 1.

For example, the ratio of the specific heats above and below Tc , CV (t → 0+) = CV (t → 0−) 2 + (0) − (0) , R. B. Griffiths, Physical Review Letters 14, 623 (1965). 4 Scaling of free energy 17 is dimensionless, and also universal. This is an example of a universal amplitude ratio. An analogous universal ratio may also be constructed for the susceptibility, for example. The universality of all these quantities is the consequence of the assumed scaling form of the free energy. The concept of scaling therefore rationalizes the appearance of power-laws near the critical point, and yields the experimentally correct relations between the critical exponents.

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