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This paintings relies on my 1983 doctoral dissertation submitted to the dept of Linguistics at Harvard college, even though it represents an in depth revision and reorganization of that paintings. quite a lot of fabric that weren't inside the unique were extra, and components that handle theoretical matters that, a minimum of at the moment, have receded into the heritage, were passed over. Many colleagues and buddies have contributed to my sustained fascina­ tion with in addition to my figuring out of lroquoian linguistics. to begin with, i'm thankful to the Iroquois who've contributed their profound knowl­ aspect and their friendship in the course of my study: Elda Antone, Mercy Doxtator, Dayton Doxtator, Reg Henry, Frank Natawe, the past due Georgina Nicholas, Catherine Norton, Mike Norton. the past due Sanford Schenandoah, and Norma Sickles. I additionally deeply have fun with being a part of a close-knit and supportive group of lroquoian linguists, and specifically I thank Cliff Abbott, Wallace Chafe, Mike Foster, Marianne Mithun, and Hanni Woodbury for delivering reviews at the dissertation. i've got additionally benefited from, and price hugely, super stimulating conversations with Floyd Lounsbury within the previous few years. The impression of my advisers and acquaintances should be glaring in the course of the paintings. I thank specifically Nick Clements, Ives Goddard, Jochem Schindler, Robin Barr, Harry Bochner, Brian Doherty, Mark Hale, and Phil LeSourd.

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The rule that deletes y is stated in (174). (170) wailotih t\ ·Iehteil wail-yoti-h t\ lehH They yelled FACT-ZdpP-yell-PUNC (171) d. yotih t\ lethail yoti-h t\ leht-hail 1Y They yell ZdpP-yell-HAB (172) yah teilutekhu· nfheil yah teil-yu-(a)t-khw-uni-hil 20 She does not eat P NEG-FA-SRF-food-makeHAB (173) d. yutekhu· nfheil yu-(a )t-khw-uni-hil She is eating FA-SRF-food-make-HAB (174) y-deletion C C I [ +IOW -cont 1 I [ -cons -back 1 ~ o y-deletion also applies to a y that is derived from underlying w by Dissimilation (152), which replaces w by y before rounded vowels.

Aya·kA ·s hi a-yak AiI-s He goes out MA-go out-HAB (80) a· hanitsyato . late( aa-hl( a)-an-itsy-atolat -iI He should fish OPT-MA-SRF-fish-hunt-PUNC (81 ) ct. lanitsyato· lats He is fishing MA-SRF-fish-hunt-HAB hl( a )-an-itsy-atolat-s (82) wah Athohkwanhakeil wail-hla-(i)thohkwanhak-il He tied it in a bundle FACT-MA-tie in a bundle-PUNC (83) ct. tu· nf· wail-hl(a)- Atuni-il He was lonely FACT-MA-be lonely-PUNC (86) wahloha· I A . wail-hl(a)-ohal- Ail He put it over it FACT-MA-put over-PUNC (87) tehhitshoteil He is kneeling DU-MA-knee-stand-STAT tt~-hl(a)-utsh-oH 32 CHAPTER 2 Loss of I from prefixes other than the MA when the prefix is noninitial: (88) wahuwahlo ·Ii .

One is the lengthening of accented vowels before ? and before h plus a resonant consonant. The lengthened vowels in this case have a falling tone, while accented vowels that are lengthened in open syllables have a level tone. The other significant development is the addition of vowel epenthesis processes and their generalization, which has resulted in a synchronic situation where the accent is frequently on a syllable other than the surface penult; the accentual properties of epenthetic vowels, including the joiner vowel mentioned above, are complex and are therefore described separately (cf.

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