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By Richard F. H. Polt, Gregory Fried

ISBN-10: 0300085249

ISBN-13: 9780300085242

This new significant other to the creation to Metaphysics offers an summary of Heidegger's textual content and numerous views on its interpretation from greater than a dozen hugely revered individuals.

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There is another general problem for the end-point approach. Crucially, the notions of progress and development never exclude the possibility of having a point of termination. Therefore, in principle, whenever some idea of temporal progress is conveyed, an eventuality referred to has a potential end-point. Let me illustrate the problem with an example from Russian, considering two Russian verbs discussed above, that is ˇcitat’ (to read) and iskat’ (to look for). The verbs clearly cannot be classiWed as stative,17 hence they can both be used to describe eventualities with potential end-points.

Book ‘When mom called, Petja was reading a book –/! Petja read a book’ The relation between progressive and imperfective complicates testing imperfective predicates in Russian even further. 12a), always trivially holds. Note, however, that this would only be true if imperfective did not have readings other than progressive. 13) Petja was looking for a book ! 13) trivially holds. However, Russian imperfective can also have the meaning of the English present perfect or simple past (see Chapter 6 for details).

Mary was driving the car ! Mary drove the car b. Mary was running a mile –/! 4 4 This has to do with the fact that all predicates in the progressive form are atelic. More will be said on the English progressive in Chapters 5 and 6. The telicity approach 25 To sum up, the tests show that telic and atelic predicates diVer in at least three respects: they co-occur with diVerent classes of adverbials, they exhibit diVerences in interpretation with conjoined temporal expressions, and, Wnally, they give rise to diVerent logical inferences.

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