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Equipment needed can be seen in Figure 17. help The Hat with nettia. This is used to protect the neck and face _I-. A veil can be made from any wide-brimmed from bee stings. 72cm II8’l) wide and as long as the circumference of the hat brim. After this has been sewn into a cylinc3er, it is sewn to the hat. 16cm (‘14”) lonq. 32cm (8”) apart. dqe of the ing taFC? is flat and is is put on, the tapes are passed under the arms the rinqs. ttinq tight csclainst the shoulders. The remainpa ssed back under the arms to stretch the f rant then brcught, again, to the front to be tieA.

Figure 20 shows a swarm of bees that have landed on a tree limb. With a hard shake, the bees are knocked into the beekeeper's basket and then shaken into the brood chamber of an empty hive. in a swarm seldom make the transfer safer. Bees sting, but A soucce of bees may be transEerred time hive to a new hive. The best during the honey season. a face net from a tree, to transfer and smoker will house, or old these bees is One way to transfer bees to a new hive from a tree or building is to first get the smoker ready and be sure to wear proper clothing.

41 Unfortunately, rock in high places and soon leave bees have ferocious tempers and have been known to attack people and animals when disturbed or excited. with smoke and are as successhowever, controllable They are, of honeybee. fully managed in this way as any other species ProEessional honey qatherers and modern beekeepers are able to Some beekeepers have tried handle them with little difficulty. but the bees prefer their homes to keep rock bees in box hives, TEE LITTLE BEE (Apis after a few days, florea) These bees move about more than five months and seldom remain at one place for at a time.

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